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Pillar of Strength 

Over the last couple of days , I have been watching the news the last couple of days about Naomi Judd and it has blown me away. The Judds were musically  the core of my childhood. They taught us love of family and unity. They also taught us you can be a united front and a little sassy at the same time.  The thought of Naomi's death due to mental illness was overwhelming. Sometimes when you look up to a public figure, you forget that they have problems and their own lives to tend to and pedestal that we put them on is not always realistic. As I have grown older, I have had my own bouts with depression and anxiety to the point that i could not leave the house . As i have gotten older i have learned to manage it but the death of Naomi, me realize that it has really held me back and made me a prisoner for a very long time. As i have received help sometimes I think that maybe it was not the right help. Remember for every smile you see there is a little sadness behind it. 

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